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I will explain to you where I've been, and let you follow me around while I do daily chores and get ready to have some company over later. I'm kind of drawing a blank as far as updates that don't include the cast!

I still have the SLC kit and will definitely be getting that done as soon as possible, but in the meantime, tell me what you want to see!

Superior wheelchair and crutches fetishist, and award winning site! Standing at 6 feet tall, my stature alone will take your breath away.

I love to cover my incredibly long legs in nylons and wear high heels on my elegant feet. I began my exhibitionist life as an exotic dancer in the early 1990's, and since have continued to put myself out there and continue to want to create beauty in a life that's full of ugliness.

I just ordered this hot pink leg cast kit for my very first cast update! I've had SO, SO many requests over the years, so this is going to be very fun. Member's Only July 14, 2016: Note from Sexy Para Therapy went great!

I plan to tell you all about it in my next diary update. Member's Only July 12, 2016: Note from Sexy Para I am off to my first therapy appointment in about 16 years today! After that it's home to make some more sexy content for the site, and for YOU!

JOIN NOW Member's Only July 10, 2017: Heels Comparison A requested video.

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And for a special surprise ending, I attempt using my underarm crutches yet again.At times I do find it hard to feel sexy and desirable, so my site goes a long way to giving me back my confidence and self esteem that can easily fall away in the face of disability.I, of course, would love to walk again and get back to the body I had before all of this began, but I will continue to embrace who I am physically no matter how it turns out, and I will continue to enjoy creating my art in whatever way I desire.Opening a checking account with Aspiration lets you earn up to 100x more interest than what most big banks offer.Aspiration lets you set your own account fee -- even if that means zero.

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